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This Viking fascination inspired me to write my historical fiction, “Folkvangr.” Here I was able to create a world where we could walk alongside great historical characters like Freydis and her famous brother Leif Erikson. Readers can journey within the great longships and become a part of the adventure. We can also come face to face with the Goddess Freya and enter the world of the gods. You will be able to watch as the Vikings and their gods enter our mortal world today where they may continue to participate in adventures that might again bring them fame. 


Immerse yourself into the world of the Vikings and their gods. Join them as they travel and impact our daily lives. Allow yourself to walk and fight alongside them and lose yourself within the realms of magic, mystery, and power. Where will the next battle take place and whose side will you be on?

Interest in the Viking culture is extremely popular throughout the world and throughout various age groups. Our imagination grows wild thinking about their voyages across the seas in their immense longships. Their arduous journeys took them to new lands where they would either trade, settle or raid. The Vikings had an enormous impact, which is still felt today. We still strive to learn about their seafaring adventures, their religious beliefs, and their expert shipbuilding techniques. These poetic people still have the ability to spark imagination and inspiration in us today.  


I am one of those who find myself envisioning what their daily lives might have been like. I often wonder what they were feeling as they sailed for days to an unknown destination. Their sheer strength and determination would help ensure successful travel. I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to admiring their fighting ability. They were aggressive and fierce warriors who had the ability to easily drive fear into everyone.

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Mary Freitas

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Mary is a historical enthusiast, writer and the author of the recent novel, Folkvangr.

Mary has spent several years as an amateur genealogist. She created an extensive family tree and also investigated further by completing a DNA test. All of her fantastic and exciting discoveries led her to delve deeper into historical research. Mary wanted to learn as much as she could about her ancestors. Discovering all of this information gave her the idea for the historical fiction novel, Folkvangr. 

Mary grew up in a small town in California where she received her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts at the California University, Stanislaus. Mary then received her elementary teaching credentials and became a classroom teacher for 12 years. She then found an opportunity as an Instructional Coach where she received extensive training through the Tucson Unified School District and the University of Virginia. These included the foundations of writing, the science behind teaching reading effectively, and how to establish effective systems and structures within an educational setting. Mary has always been extremely passionate about writing and has always wanted to pass on this love to her students. 

Mary lives and works out of her home in Castle Rock, Colorado. She spends her free time hiking and playing games with her two children and her husband. She also volunteers for the local canine rescue by fostering dogs and helping them find new homes.

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Mary Freitas
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