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The Loyal Servant


This short story places the focus on Brendan, a mysterious monk who forms a strong

relationship with Freydis Erikson. This complex character who devotes himself to a

Christian God and the Norse Gods, has promised to dedicate his life to the goddess

Freya and her descendants.

Born to a high status family in Portugal, Brendan quickly finds himself in the middle of

several troubling situations. Throughout his life, he is taken away from those he loves

and finds himself dependent on an enemy for his own survival.

Brendan’s destiny was set even before his birth. Throughout this short story and the

novel Folkvangr, he follows his predetermined path with courage and devotion. In “The

Loyal Servant,” readers can gain a stronger understanding of Brendan’s life and the

many struggles he faces.

Brendan is one of my favorite characters and holds a place close to my heart. He

allowed me to research an incredibly interesting history, which included Viking era

influence within Portugal. I hope you enjoy spending more time with this fascinating man

who brings comfort and love to so many.

Mary Freitas


Download The Loyal Servant

The Loyal Servant
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