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Where mere mortals may walk alongside the Gods.


One of my favorite hobbies is genealogy, and I have created an extensive family tree. I then turned to DNA and was astounded to find that I am 15% Norse. This historical research became fascinating, and I have been eager to learn more about my Norse ancestry. I have spent months reading articles, watching historical documentaries and reading the Icelandic Sagas. During this remarkable adventure, I came up with the idea for my book, Folkvangr. 

Scandinavian warriors believed that if they fought bravely on the battlefield, they would go either to Valhalla (ruled by Odin) or Folkvangr. Folkvangr is a realm ruled by the Goddess Freya. She chose warriors who had fought bravely on the battlefield and some believe that Folkvangr is a meadow or field, located in Asgard.

Folkvangr allows the reader to explore old Norse beliefs, in particular the Goddess Freya, who becomes one of the main characters. Readers can meet Freydis, the famous sister of Leif Erickson, and journey alongside her as she explores North America and beyond. Readers will witness the resilience of female characters who struggle with gender roles. These females still rise above these gender expectations with great tenacity and heroism. 

Many of us find the Viking age extremely fascinating and I want to explain why you won’t find me using the word “Viking” in the novel very often. These individuals did not call themselves Vikings, and even though this is a historical fiction, I wanted to move away from this label. You will find that I use the terms “Norsemen, Icelanders, and Greenlanders” throughout the story.

The book “Folkvangr” allows readers to enter the world of the Norse, Greenlanders, and Icelanders. It allows you to connect to historical figures and historical beliefs. With so much loss that everyone has experienced throughout the years 2019 and 2020, Folkvangr and the Goddess Freya ensure that your favorite and loved characters return to you. They will hopefully bring you hope, joy, and amusement. After writing this book, the characters feel like family to me now and I hope they find a place in your heart as well.


*And if you’re wondering how to pronounce my last name, it’s pronounced Freydis.

Mary Freitas
Castle Rock, Colorado 2021

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